Source code for speechbrain.utils.torch_audio_backend

"""Library for checking the torchaudio backend.

 * Mirco Ravanelli 2021
import platform
import logging
import torchaudio
from typing import Optional

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] def try_parse_torchaudio_major_version() -> Optional[int]: """Tries parsing the torchaudio major version. Returns ------- The parsed major version, otherwise ``None``.""" if not hasattr(torchaudio, "__version__"): return None version_split = torchaudio.__version__.split(".") # expect in format x.y.zwhatever; we care only about x if len(version_split) <= 2: # not sure how to parse this return None try: version = int(version_split[0]) except Exception: return None return version
[docs] def check_torchaudio_backend(): """Checks the torchaudio backend and sets it to soundfile if windows is detected. """ torchaudio_major = try_parse_torchaudio_major_version() if torchaudio_major is None: logger.warning( "Failed to detect torchaudio major version; unsure how to check your setup. We recommend that you keep torchaudio up-to-date." ) elif torchaudio_major >= 2: available_backends = torchaudio.list_audio_backends() if len(available_backends) == 0: logger.warning( "SpeechBrain could not find any working torchaudio backend. Audio files may fail to load. Follow this link for instructions and troubleshooting:" ) else: logger.warning( "This version of torchaudio is old. SpeechBrain no longer tries using the torchaudio global backend mechanism in recipes, so if you encounter issues, update torchaudio." ) current_system = platform.system() if current_system == "Windows": logger.warning( 'Switched audio backend to "soundfile" because you are running Windows and you are running an old torchaudio version.' ) torchaudio.set_audio_backend("soundfile")