Source code for speechbrain.utils.hparams

"""Utilities for hparams files

 * Artem Ploujnikov 2021

[docs]def choice(value, choices, default=None): """ The equivalent of a "switch statement" for hparams files. The typical use case is where different options/modules are available, and a top-level flag decides which one to use Arguments --------- value: any the value to be used as a flag choices: dict a dictionary maps the possible values of the value parameter to the corresponding return values default: any the default value Example ------- model: !new:speechbrain.lobes.models.g2p.model.TransformerG2P encoder_emb: !apply:speechbrain.utils.hparams.choice value: !ref <embedding_type> choices: regular: !ref <encoder_emb> normalized: !ref <encoder_emb_norm> """ return choices.get(value, default)