SpeechBrain is an open-source and all-in-one speech toolkit based on PyTorch. This documentation is intended to give SpeechBrain users all the API information necessary to develop their projects. For tutorials, please refer to the official Github or the official Website <https://speechbrain.github.io>


SpeechBrain is released under the Apache license, version 2.0. The Apache license is a popular BSD-like license. SpeechBrain can be redistributed for free, even for commercial purposes, although you can not take off the license headers (and under some circumstances you may have to distribute a license document). Apache is not a viral license like the GPL, which forces you to release your modifications to the source code. Also note that this project has no connection to the Apache Foundation, other than that we use the same license terms.

It is a community project, which means that discussions are engaged community-wide while decisions are taken by Dr. Ravanelli and Dr. Parcollet with respect to the community views. There is no legal institution associated as an owner of SpeechBrain. Furthermore, and due to the Apache Licence, anyone that would disagree with the way the project is being run can fork it and start a new toolkit.

Referencing SpeechBrain

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API Documentation


Comprehensive speech processing toolkit


Tools for aligning transcripts and speech signals


Data loading and dataset preprocessing


Package containing the different decoders (ctc, beamsearch …)


Package defining language models


Package defining common blocks (DNN models, processing …)


Package containing the different neural networks layers


Package containing various techniques of speech processing


Package defining the SentencePiece tokenizer


Package containing various tools (accuracy, checkpoints …)